Monday, December 29, 2014

X'mas Pudding

I was looking for a good X'mas place but didn't want to shell out more than 250 bucks. Since everything cost 750 bucks and up and the quantity was huge I never did manage to buy one. But then I came across the recipe in HT Brunch I jumped at the opportunity to bake something after months.
The pics were clicked at night and are not too great. I never did get around to clicking good pics.

The quantity is huge and after giving it to the maid and cook I still had half leftover. So, please reduce the ingredients quantity by half. I am not an expert and don't change ingredients quantity when it comes to baking since baking is an exact science.

- Butter : 450 gm
- Breakfast Sugar : 250 gm
- Eggs : 8
- Maida : 470 gm
- Ground cinnamon : 2 gms
- Cocoa powder : 50 gms
- Curd : Quantity not given in recipe. I added 2 tbsps
- Tutti fruti : 100 gms
- Cashew nuts : 100 gms
- Golden Raisins : 100 gms
- Candy ginger : 25 gms
- Candy Orange Peel : 25 gms
- Dry black currant : 25 gms
- Chocolate chips : 150 gms
- Dark rum : 120 ml
- Red wine : 90 ml

All these ingredients are available in shops which stocking baking stuff. I generally buy everything from Modern Bazaar in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon. I think Le Marche also stocks them.


- Take room temperature butter and beat it with the sugar.
- Begin stirring the eggs one by one until the mixture becomes fluffy. I used the beater for this
- In a separate bowl, mix maida, cinnamon and cocoa powder.
- Add this dry mixture to the egg/butter/sugar mixture
- Add curd to above and mix well. I didn't have a utensil big enough to fit the huge quantity and had to improvise.
- Mix in dry fruits and chocolate chips
- Add dark rum and wine and mix it well. You need to mix it with a spatula and not beat it

Don't worry if the mixture tastes bitter. The chocolate chips will melt during baking and make it sweet.

- Take moulds and fill them up with the mixture
- Preheat oven at 180 degree and bake for 30-35 mins. 30 mins were good enough for mine

Yummy X'mas cake is ready.

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