Thursday, August 14, 2014

French Toast

My cook is on leave today. Altogether she works only 3 weeks in a month. Sigh!!!
Anyway, since I have bought a Philips food processor am keen on cooking. I don't let my cook use it. Actually, she is not great with technology and will avoid using it anyway. But over the years and many cooks I have realized that my blenders/choppers/mixers get spoiled/depreciate faster when they use it. I don't know why but there are no problems when I use them.

For b'fast I decided to make the quick french toast. The recipe has been taken from this website.

I have modified the recipe slightly:
Ingredients :
4 slices of bread. I used brown bread
1 egg
1/4 tsp vanilla essence. You can skip if you want but I generally have vanilla essence in my fridge
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder. You can skip but I generally have it in my pantry
2 tsp of sugar. For a healthier version, use honey. The original recipe recommends 4 tsps but then I found 1 egg enough for 4 slices of bread instead of 6. And 4 tsp was too sweet for my taste
1/2 cup milk

- Beat all the ingredients
- Heat oil or butter in a non stick pan
- Put the mixture in a shallow dish and dip 1 piece of bread in it. Dip the other side also
- Put it immediately in the pan for frying. Once it becomes brown (shown in picture), turn and cook the other side

Yummy french toast is ready and can be eaten on its own or with honey/maple syrup.