Saturday, March 9, 2013

Egg Masala Toast

I have been looking for healthy and tasty b'fast options which are quick to make in the morning. I came across masala bread online. It is fried in very little oil... so, does not feel oily but very tasty.



- 2 eggs (original recipe mentions 1 egg but I needed 2 small eggs)
- 1 slice brown bread (If you are not dieting, regular bread can be used)
- 1/2 ginger garlic paste
- paste of 1 onion (its ok if it is not completely crushed)
- Garam masala
- Red chilli powder
- Salt
- Haldi


- Break 2 eggs in a bowl
- Add all the ingredients and mix them together
- Dip the bread in the mixture
- Heat a non stick pan with a little oil. I add 1-2 teaspoon oil and then spread it out
- Put the bread in the pan... fry on both sides till done

Quick and easy.

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